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What we have on this site is all the latest news on Sony PlayStation Portable: PSP downloads, free psp games and hacks. Latest psp cheats, walkthrough and cheat codes. Free psp movie converter downloads and media center software. PSP accessories Reviews and Tutorials and most important of all PSP emulator.

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PSP Emulation is growing every day, and PSPE is a perfect prove of that, even though this emulator still can't run any commercial PSP game, you can try it by playing some demos and homebrew games.
It is important to remember that this emulator is the first of its kind, but after all we are expecting more updates for this project and why not more PSP emulators.
An important thing is that you need to get SDL.dll in order to run the emulator. Just scroll down to get that file and remember to place all files into the same root folder.

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Although as of present, the final PS3 Jailbreak has yet to be released to the market, there have already been a few samples distributed and perhaps one or two of them somehow landed on the hands of individuals who happen to own a USB sniffer. In fact, the analysis of this exploit is based largely on the logs of USB sniffers and the issues that have been encountered in the development stages of the PSGroove version, plus of course, some hypothetical guesses about how PS3 game files are encoded.


Emulators on PSP & PS Vita - List

Two most popular emulators for PSP are Gameboy Advance - GBA emu and Super Nintendo - SNES emu.

Amiga 500
PSPUAE v0.41 for the PSP
Amiga Emulator File Selector
PSPUAE v0.1 - Amiga 500 Emulator for the PSP

PSPGBA Source Code Released
PSP GBA v1.1 Released
VBAPSP v0.04?
VBA File Selector for PSP
ZX Spectrum through the VBA Emulator!

Dgen Sega Genesis / Megadrive Emulator v1.20 for PSP
PSP Genesis v0.18c
PSPGenesis v0.15 Released

Apple II
Apple II Portable for the PSP

Atari800PSP v0.1 for the PSP Released
Stella PSP v0.2 Released
HandyPSP v0.01 Released

Atari ST
CaSTaway Atari ST Emulator v0.05b for the PSP
Atari ST Emulator - CaSTaway/PSP - version 005

Chip8 Emulator for the PSP Released

Commodore 64
PSPVice v0.3 for PSP
C64 PSP v0.2 Released - Commodore 64 Emulator for the PSP

Gameboy Color
RIN v1.32 for PSP
Modified RIN Emulator Allows GTA on PSP!
Quicksave/load Unofficial RIN 1.1b (Gameboy Emulator)
Unofficial Gameboy Color Emulator Updated (RIN v.051)
RIN GB/GBC Emulator v0.2 - Auto-SRAM Version
Super Mario World Demo Updated

PSP Backgrounds by Medafor

Basilisk II for PSP Updated - Macintosh Emulator

PSPMame Release 0.4 Fixes
MAME for PSP v0.71 r0.2
M.A.M.E. v0.71 for PSP r0.1
Xmame - MAME Emulator for PSP

Snatcher fMSX v0.62b+ for PSP
fMSX 0.62 RAM Fix

Neo Geo
ngPsp v1.3.1 for the PSP
NeoCD Emulator Compatibility List by PSPWiki
New Neo Geo CD Emulator for the PSP Released

unNesterJ r2b for PSP - NES Emulator for the PSP
InfoNES v0.94J Nintendo Emulator

PC Engine
HuE v0.70 for PSP (New PCE Emulator)
PCEP for PSP v0.7

Neko Project 2 v0.33 for PSP

PSPSOne Demo Test Release

ScummVM v0.8.0 for the PSP Released
ScummVM Emulator Alpha for PSP

Sega Genesis/Megadrive
DGEN v1.10 for PSP

Sega Master System
SMSPlus - Master System / Game Gear Emulator for the PSP Released
Thursday May, 26 2005
Sega Master system & Gamegear Emulator v0.3
SMS PSP V0.1 (Master System / Game Gear Emulator for the PSP) Released

Snes9x_TYL v0.2c
Snes9xTYL v0.2b for the PSP Has Been Released!
Snes9x for PSP Minor Update
SMC File Selector Released
Snes9x for PSP
SNES Emulator with Sound in the works for PSP

PSPVECX 1.01 - The Vectrex Emulator for PSP

PSP ELF Interpreter v0.9b
PSPE v0.9 for PSP Released
PSP ELF interpreter v0.8 Released
PSPE (PSP Emulator for Windows) Guide

eSwan v0.07 for PSP
pSwan v0.07 for PSP
Cygne v0.00 Wonderswan Emulator for PSP
OSWAN 0.7 for PSP v0.01 for PSP
PSwan v0.02 Has Been Released (w/source)
ROM Selector for WSCE for PSP
Wonderswan Color Emulator v0.7 for PSP

Confirmed: Windows & Linux Run On The PSP

ZX Spectrum
PSPectrum v0.1 for PSP


Game files backup from UMD to PC - OR - FreeWare games that are distributed over the internet in a form of a PSP rom file.

Commercial PSP roms are illegal when as games made as demos and freeware can be legally be downloaded as psp roms and played on PSP using memory stick.

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